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Drift Trips

Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River or Lower “Sac” as it is known by the locals has to be one of the most outstanding tail waters in the country. Given its regulated flow and the moderate climate the lower Sacramento is fishable nearly every day of the year. The portion that the Northern California Guide concentrates on is from Redding down to Bend Bridge near Red bluff. The things that make this river special are the salmon, in an effort to bolster salmon numbers the Department of fish and Game or DFG installed a Temperature Control Device (TCD) to extract colder water from the depths of Shasta Lake to send downstream. This colder water makes the river more suitable to the salmon and their smolt. This lengthens the growing season for the resident 100% wild Rainbow trout and made the aquatic insect life boom. This is a river full of healthy Rainbows averaging 16 inches and 20-inch fish are common. The proper equipment for this river is a 9-10ft. 5-7wt. Rod a floating line and a reel with a good drag.

Trinity River

The Trinity River is one of those rivers that once you’ve been there you have to go back to, the entire setting grabs a hold of the soul of a fly fishermen and when you go back to your job and everyday life you will be haunted knowing you could be floating the trinity. Breathtaking scenery and plenty of steelhead make this river one of our most popular destinations. Images of the big one that got away or your new personal best will linger on your mind making the experience unforgettable. Steelhead season on the Trinity runs from October-March with the peak of the season in December. This part of the country can get cold so layering is recommended waders and a rain jacket are essential. Nymphing is the most productive way of fishing here though swinging can be very effective in the early season when warmer water temperatures make the fish more aggressive. The recommended rod for this river is 9ft. 6-8wt with a floating line and a reel that has a good drag.

Klamath River

The Klamath River is a phenomenal fishery located in the most northerly portion of CA. We specialize on the stretch from Iron Gate Dam down river to the I5 Bridge. The only way to describe the fish in the Klamath is grabby - when they are on the bite you can’t beat this river and we recommend it to anyone looking for a first time steelhead experience or just a fun day of fishing. The fall/winter steelhead season runs from October through February. There is also a late spring season where there are prolific hatches of Golden Stoneflies and giant Salmonflies. The spring Hatches can be hard to time but we encourage phone calls and we can update you as to how the hatches are going on the river.